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We're looking forward to meeting you and your pet!

Sign-up using the form or call us at 512-900-2728 to set up your initial visit.

Christmas and New Year's Schedule

To give our hard-working staff time off with loved ones over the holiday season, we will have modified hours:

  • Christmas:  Close 5:00 PM Friday, December 21, Re-Open 7:30 AM Thursday, December 27
  • New Year's:  Close 3:00 PM Monday, December 31, Re-Open 7:30 AM Wednesday, January 2

Please arrange for any food or medication refills well in advance so your pet can enjoy the holidays, too.  If you need emergency care during these times, please contact one of the nearest two 24/7 emergency facilities:

  • Austin Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (AVES), 512-373-2837. 7300 Ranch Road 2222
  • Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin (EAHNWA), 512-331-6121. They are located at 12034 Research Boulevard.

Upgrading Technology to Serve You Better!

Being a superior veterinary care provider means staying abreast of advances in medical science, and also having top-notch tools to deliver that care.  Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch has made several significant investments in the past year to upgrade our diagnostic and treatment capabilities, including:

  • A higher precision, more reliable cryosurgery system to freeze minor skin growths without full anesthesia, often without sedation;
  • A more powerful laser therapy system to relieve pets' pain and inflammation for both acute and chronic issues;
  • A higher -resolution ultrasound scanner with color display and Doppler technology to observe internal blood flow;
  • Added a new CBC (Complete Blood Count) analyzer to check cell-type volumes and proportions in pets' blood.

For your pet's health, we will continue to expand and improve our "toolbox" to provide the level of care that sets us apart.

Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch: AAHA Accredited!

On our first try, Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch passed the comprehensive and stringent accreditation requirements of the American Animal Hospital Association. We are the only AAHA-accredited facility between Cedar Park and Bee Caves! There are hundreds of requirements for accredited hospitals to meet, ensuring you of independent verification of processes, capabilities, and care standards that are met by only a small percentage of veterinary hospitals and clinics. We look forward to continuing to provide superior medical care to your pets!

Why Buy Veterinary Products From a Veterinarian?

We are often asked to approve prescriptions for online pharmacies, usually for cheaper prices. These businesses may or may not be authorized by the manufacturers to carry these medications, and may be obtaining them through diversion or from offshore where they have not been properly stored or shipped. For that reason, we do not approve faxed or emailed prescriptions from distant distributors with whom we don't have a relationship. Yes, our product sales do cover some of the hospital's operating costs so we can keep medical care prices lower. Our employees need to make a living, and we have to stay profitable to remain open to serve you and your pets.  For any medication we recommend, we can call in a prescription to a trusted local pharmacy if you find it less expensively.  Or, we can provide a written prescription that you can mail or take to the pharmacy of your choice (and at your risk). We regularly review and adjust our pricing to remain as competitive as we can, but we can't buy in huge quantities like online pharmacies, and we won't buy from questionable sources. Our key concern is that there are unscrupulous people online selling fake, expired, spoiled, ineffective, and even dangerous products to unsuspecting pet owners. Recent criminal prosecutions for sales of counterfeit veterinary products emphasizes the importance of being sure your pet gets genuine medicine. We hope you value your pet's health as much as we do, and feel that peace of mind is worth the small cost differences of buying locally.

The Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch

Your Veterinarian in Austin, TX

Please explore our site or call us at: 512-900-2728  

If you are a pet owner in Austin, you have found the place to receive excellent veterinary care. Dr. Tamera Cole has over 25 years' experience treating pets and companion animals. Your pet's health is important to us and we make every effort to give the best possible care.

We're excited about serving you and your pet.  Wander our website, or stop by for an introductory tour.  See why The Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch is the place you'll want your pet to receive medical care. In addition to preventive care and the diagnosis and treatment of medical, surgical, and dental issues, we provide urgent care during hospital hours.  We also work with Austin's 24-hour emergency facilities to be sure your pet can always receive the medical care it needs.  Dr. Cole is experienced in handling complex conditions and treatments, and has excellent working relationships with area specialists when their expertise is needed. Beyond first-rate pet care, we strive to make our clinic a clean, calm, and comfortable environment so you and your pet can relax.  We have separate waiting areas for dogs and cats, and we reserve one of our roomy exam suites just for cats and their families.

Our Austin animal hospital is located in the Quinlan Crossing shopping center at the main entrance to Steiner Ranch.  We're easily reached from Four Points, Hudson Bend, Lakeway, 2222, River Place, Lakeline, and other locations around Lake Travis and the Hill Country.  See the map below, or find directions on our Contact Us page.

The best veterinary care for your pet is preventive, not reactive, and consists of four key pillars:

  • Regular professional examinations
  • Vaccine plan customized for your pet's needs and lifestyle
  • Frequent dental care
  • Proper nutrition and exercise

At The Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch, we treat your pets as valued family members.

Dr. Tamera Cole, DVM

The Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch

Phone: 512-900-2728

5145 Ranch Road 620 North, Suite F140
Austin, TX 78732-1815

Meet Our Team

  • Tamera Cole,
    Medical Director

    At The Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch, we believe an open and communicative relationship between you and your veterinarian is essential if your pet is to receive the best possible care. Dr. Tamera Cole has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1990, and has earned the trust and respect of clients, colleagues, and team members. Her experience in many settings in the practice of veterinary medicine gives her a unique perspective on the advantages and limitations of each approach. Her goal at The Animal Hospital at Steiner Ranch is to give her clients’ pets high-quality care with convenience, confidence, and compassion.

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  • Amy
    Client Care Coordinator

    Amy has cared for farm animals for as long as she can remember.  Now working in companion animal health care, she enjoys “getting to be with animals and watch them grow, helping them with their needs throughout their life.”  She also says, “I have witnessed myself the love and care that our doctor and staff have for each pet.” 

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  • Melissa
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Having seen several other veterinary facilities, Melissa shares the observation, “We are the cleanest hospital I have ever worked at!”  She enjoys paddle boarding with her big, lovable Doberman Pinschers, Apollo and Axel, and has two cats: Ileane (fat and 3-legged) and Phoebe (old and sassy).

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  • Stephanie
    Business Development Manager

    Stephanie thinks AHSR is a super fun place to work and wants everyone to know, “We will go above and beyond for our patients and clients!”  She wishes more pet owners knew how important it is to keep their pets on heartworm prevention consistently.  She also has an interest in pet nutrition.

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  • Megan
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Megan has a keen interest in the science behind veterinary care, particularly clinical pathology.  She really enjoys helping sick patients recover, and has a soft spot for geriatric chihuahuas.  She emphasizes the importance of consistent heartworm prevention: “I’ve seen too many pets die from [heartworm infections].”

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  • Haley
    Pet Care Assistant

    Thanks to some cousins who are veterinarians, Haley has worked in animal health care for several years and has interests in animal nutrition, behavior, sports medicine, and improving pet breeding practices.  She likes that veterinary medicine uses our highest human faculties to care for the least among us, which is a great expression of love.  She’d like clients to know that out of several clinics and veterinarians for which she’s worked, AHSR has the best facility and best doctor of them all.

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  • Michelle
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Michelle’s specific areas of interest in veterinary medicine include anesthesia, dentistry, and client communications.  “We only recommend things for your pets that we’d do for our own fur babies,” she says.  She enjoys seeing puppies and kittens grow up, and building connections with pet owners.  Michelle wishes more clients understood that people don’t go into veterinary careers for the money, and that it’s far easier and less costly to prevent diseases than to treat them.

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  • Sherman Stenson
    Practice Manager

    “Pets are both a relationship and a responsibility,” Sherman says. “Don’t get one as home décor or as a fashion accessory.  It’s a living creature whose proper care must be a priority.  If you pull up in a $70,000 car and tell us about your Tahiti vacation, then decline an important vaccine or don’t keep your pet on heartworm preventive, that’s irresponsible.”  With a B.S. in Industrial & Operations Engineering and an MBA, Sherman had a highly-successful career in operations planning and leadership.

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Office Hours

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